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Zen Moments


When September had arrived, I became sad and disappointed about summer leaving us so fast.
Now that it’s almost October, I’m slowly in peace with the situation and started to be excited about fall.  I have to admit, it’s a nice season in some ways. Coffee moments, cozy tea times, evenings spent with my favorite books and of course candle light. I’m in love with candles and it’s always hard to keep up buying enough of them when weather turns into grey.

I thought about sharing some of my photos taken during the last couple of days, I had some lovely zen moments.


Not to mention, finally I’ve started to take yoga lessons again. Both my body and my soul were craving for it, but I can get lazy so easily and I guess you all now, how hard it is to start something all over again. So, hopefully I’ll be able to keep yoga in my life as a good kind of routine.


Plus, I discovered a cool new book store where I bought a book from the author, Murakami Haruki. I’ve never read a book from him before, but I’m sure I will solve this problem pretty soon. I ‘ve started to read “Kafka by the Shore” and I have to tell, it’s almost impossible to stop reading it. I always read a few pages when I have a coffee break.





So, October, I’m ready for you! I’m excited about all the new cozy places that are waiting to be discovered, I’m excited about all the cool books I’m going to read, I can not wait to start some more art projects, to spend more time with my paintings, to start preparing for Halloween and to spend peaceful moments, movie nights, cuddles and candle light!;)


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