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12004787_10208043403029798_4406347412548186801_n“And then I realized
that to be
more alive
I had to
less afraid
so I did it
I lost my fear
and gained
whole life.”

I have always been the girl who is trying find more truth, more inspiration, more spirituality, more meanings and first of all more myself.
I’m not the one who can be convinced that life is just life with the everyday hassle, running all the time, not paying attention to details, to moments that are never coming back again. Wanting to get into a good school, trying to find the best job that you hate, but surviving in the name of money and experience and hoping to find a better one, etc, etc… I hear this too often from people I like, and I wish so much more colors, so much more LIFE to them!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anyone, that’s far from me. Everybody does the best they can do. All I’m saying here is, try to do things not only to survive, but to enjoy, to create and shine!
Life is not black and white, finding the right balance is the most important thing we can do to ourself.

And this is what I’ve been working on for a while now, I’m still not there yet, but I’m on my way. Changing lifestyle, eating more healthy and practicing yoga are helping me so much. Since we moved to Stockholm, I’m paying even more attention on these. I’ve realized that all I was starting at home were just small steps towards a more valuable life, but these new life events, experiences, situations are having a huge impact on me, pushing me to step to the next level of taking care of myself.


Lately I’m practicing more and more yoga. I’ve mentioned before that I tried acro yoga, well, I’m still going there every Friday and I’ve started also a yoga & meditation course which is on Mondays. In the rest of the days I’m practicing at home alone, running regularly and slowly I’m back to some other exercises I’ve been neglecting in the last couple of weeks. I’ve started some new art projects, trying to find time for painting again. Exploring cool new cafes offering all different kind of raw food and desserts, are great motivations to experience new ways of cooking, and I’m so much enjoying eating MORE vegetables than before.


I can say I’m on a new road, keeping some good from my past, and letting go all that I don’t need anymore.

I’m feeling so much closer to myself and to my loved ones, I see more details, I experience more magical moments and I understand the connections between past and present events. I’m fine. x

Recently I have started to use a hashtag (#yogaaroundsweden) to collect together some of my Swedish yoga practices, follow me on Instagram (@szandart) if you are interested to see more of my adventures and healthy food discovery!;)

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