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Winter Wonderland


No doubt, my favorite sound on this Earth is the sound of the sea.
But what’s the second one?
It’s the sound of snow…

I’m one of those people who just so much in love with the magic of winter can offer.
I don’t mind cold and wind and I’m waiting for the snow to fall like a child!
The only thing I hate is the colorless colors, the depressive dark, wet, muddy days when you don’t see difference between mornings and evenings.

I’m truly disappointed in the past few years, because we have almost no snow at all in Budapest. Even if we have a tiny snowfall, it just melts in no time and what we have left again is dirty, grey streets.

I’m dreaming of living in a place where there is real winter, real big snow, woods where I can get lost day by day.  A place I can take early morning walks and where I can listen to the snow falling down on me…

But till this moment… I’m trying to find peaceful moments near the place I live.
My latest favorite is Normafa. It doesn’t take long to get there by bus and still, it’s so different and feels like a winter wonderland somewhere far away.


I went there alone yesterday and can not describe how much I enjoyed stepping on the fresh snow, I love the smell of it, the sound of it and the whole peaceful feeling that comes together with the snowdrops. I could easily spend long hours there, sitting on a bench, sipping hot coffee and staring the endless white sky.

I know we all appreciate different things and that’s the way it has to be, but still… I believe that sometimes all of us should stop by for a minute and enjoy the wonders this Earth is sending to our way!






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