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Why do we stay?


I’m always wondering why birds are flying back home after winter and not staying somewhere beautiful where the sea is. Why do they take that long trip, risking their life, just to be be back where they were born. They could just stay. They could find places where it’s easier to live. Where they don’t have to fight so much.

And I guess I never get the answer, but it raises an other question inside me. Why am I questioning them if I’m doing the same mistake. Most of us do. I hear everybody crying over their boring life and how much they would love to live elsewhere. We go on holidays, we are waiting for them all year long, to escape from our everyday life. But only a few us do the real step forward a happy life. Only a few people have the courage to step out and do something.

And maybe it’s not only about that. But we have something about home. We can be so much stuck in a place we were born and we feel, we can not leave it. It’s the only comfortable, safe place with our family and friends. It’s the comfort zone where we close ourselves.

I can not really decide if it’s good or bad. There are no black and whites. I guess what makes me happy, might makes someone else blue. Dreams of mine can be nightmare for an other. Living my life far away can be scary  for the person next to me, while for me it means everything and living my life in one place is my biggest enemy.

I’m always struggling with the problem of where to live. What to do. I’m so easily get bored, I’m scared of routines and I’m always looking for the new, the hidden, the secrets. It’s a hard life believe me.  Sometimes I envy those who are just dreaming of a husband,  a family, a nice house with garden, to live a safe life, a happy one, but without the unknown, without the big risks. For me… it’s not that easy to take my vote. Sometimes I want everything, sometimes I wish for nothing. Sometimes I’m craving for the same life they have,  sometimes I just want to be wild, free and be an adventurous hippy for the rest of my life.

I’m not sure if I ever find my answers. But what I have learnt so far, is that we have time forever. We don’t have to fulfill all the dreams and lifes we are wishing for. Maybe we are lucky enough to realize hundreds of wishes, but if there are a few left, it’s fine, because one way or an other, this life or an other, we’ll get the chance to get what we want to. The Universe is infinite.

I think it’s my Italian holiday that put me into that melancholy
I so much felt like staying there. Renting a little room and just write. Just enjoy the sun, the sea, the salty air, the easy-going people. The southern lifestyle finally got me. Life is a whole different World there. And I  kind of like that… But tell you more about my holiday in the next post.

  • Imogen says:

    I’m not surprised at all that it was an Italian holiday that made you think of staying abroad, it’s the most beautiful country isn’t it?! I think familiarity is such a key factor to where people live; I would love to live abroad for a few years but at the end of the day I think I’ll always be somewhere in the UK because I’m too attached!


    • Oh yeah, Italy is fantastic! So beautiful, hot & sunny! People are relaxed and not stressed at all! I was always more in love with Northern countries, but right now I can kind of imagine myself living in Italy for some time.
      I undertsand you are attached to UK, I’m the same. So far wherever I spent a couple of months, I still felt like going back home.

  • Constance says:

    Italy it’s a beautiful country and I guess that plays a mayor part on your desire to stay but I guess it’s normal, it happens to me after every trip.

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