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Which life fits me best?


What if I won’t be able to do all the thing I want to do? That’s my biggest fear in this life.
There is no day this question not crossing my mind.

I was never good in choosing. In deciding. Telling what I want to do, what’s gonna be my exact profession and how I’m going to spend my days in the rest of my life.

And that’s a fight, a fight with myself. Because there are moments when I see that everybody around me has more idea about these things. And I want to decide too and I want to know the answers for all the questions.
But most of the time I love to be the way I am and I believe it’s ok not to know all the answers and all the solutions.
I kind of like to be different and love the fact that I’ve never put myself into boxes. And I’m not even planning to do that.
I’m a bit of everything, a weird, crazy mixture of a creative person, maybe I can call myself an artist. Somebody who enjoys sport, so she just found herself having a tennis coach diplom. Someone who loves fashion and style, so she’s studied to be a wardrobe stylist.
A girl who is in love with coffee, dreaming about an own hotel & cafe and on the way of realizing this, ended up working as a barista in the coolest little place ever.
And I feel like writing. Telling stories, sharing adventures, showing the World, convince people how wonderful life is. So I decided on blogging.That’s it. I don’t mind being different and walking on undiscovered paths.
I believe we all have the chance to do whatever we want to do. I know it’s never easy and know I’m lucky I’m not alone in this World, the greatest people on this Earth are behind me. And I’m truly thankful for that.

But the question is still left unanswered… Is it possible to do everything?
No, I can’t say yes, not even with the biggest dreamer heart I have.
I guess we can do thousands of things we wish for, but definitely we have to choose sometimes. And that’s hard for me, that makes me worried a bit. Makes me feel like running as fast as possible to go and LIVE! To BREATHE to LOVE!
And that what life is for, isn’t it?

(Photo is from Pinterest. I don’t own it. Check out my Inspirations.)

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