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Where are those summer days?


Have you ever felt like closing your eyes for a second, and when you open them again, all the things you were looking for are gone?
I have the same feeling about summertime.
Winters are always so long and you can not wait to finally enjoy those summer days, go to the beach and swim, lie on the sun, have a picnic, barbecue, summer night walk, endless parties, oh and ice-coffee..;)


Now I’m missing all these and feels like these moments never happened.
Although my summer was lovely with a lot of smile and laughter, and my bucket list can be truly happy!:)
Give me some time, and I’ll try to blog about my nicest memories soon.

But now. Now I feel a bit of emptiness.
And it’s not only about autumn. Because I love autumn, the colors, the smells, candles, hot tea, soft blankets, fireplace and long walks on a sunny afternoon after rain…
But .. I’m tired of people. Tired of big city, crowd, noise, busyness, selfishness, rush, cars and the sad faces of people.
I want to run away, far away and live on an island. And no, maybe it won’t happen tomorrow, but I won’t let this dream just stay a dream.

I hate when people are going on holiday, they come back, can’t stop talking about how great it was, how much they enjoyed and that they could live their life there. And my only question is, why don’t you go and live there then? Why everybody thinks that they have to stuck in a place where they aren’t truly happy?
Your life is only yours and you are the only one who can decide how and where do you want to live it! I don’t think anybody was born to be sad.


I don’t believe we have to be fully happy all the time, every period of our life, but I know we can be satisfied and enjoy the happy moments we get.

At the end of the day, if you can think back for at least one good moment of your day, then it worth it, then it wasn’t a waste of time!

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