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What if there is only TODAY?


I have to admit, I totally neglected writing my blog.
That gives you an idea how inspired I was in Iceland and how inspired I am at home. :P
I have been doing lots of interesting stuff, concerts, picnics, friends, amusement park, visit at home and work, work, work.
So, it’s not about not doing things, but I feel less creativity than when I’m on the road.
I couldn’t wait to come home and start some art projects, writing… including some blogging too.:)
But it’s never too late, so one and a half months after my journey, I feel like energizing myself and start something with me and my creativity… if it still exists!

First thing is to reminding myself for my bucket list!

So, here is my “official” bucket list, but it’s not properly updated, there are looots of thing I have done lately which were very important for me to accomplish, but I’ve never put it on my list.


I think everyone should have a bucket list. Ok, it doesn’t have to be online or public. It can be on a piece of paper.. The only important thing is to remind yourself not to forget all your crazy dreams. It’s easy to say, one day I’ll do it. One day…. when I’ll have more money, more time, more friends, better job, more self-confidence, bla blabla..
But how do you know these will ever happen? What if you’ll never have more money or more time?!
How do you know you can postpone these again and again?
Why do you think later on you’ll still have chance to fulfill them?
What if there is no tomorrow or no next year?
If you would have only today, how would you spend your time? Would you do the same as now?
I don’t want to die and be sad and disappointed that I have never realized my dreams.
Better to be crazy than to never live at all…

So, do you have your bucket list done?!




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