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Whale watching, lobster soup, Sóley

I’m always in the move and love to feel I’m using my time in an active way.
So, yesterday afternoon spontaneously I went on a whale watching boat trip.
Although I saw a whale for a few seconds, I wasn’t able to capture it, but instead I took lots of lovely photos about dolphins. One of them was super cute and was jumping out of the water, doing different tricks in the air.

It was really cold, I can’t remember the last time I was freezing that much!! Of course there was a special jacket you could use…. but as always I felt I’m much stronger than everybody else and I don’t need any extra protection. :D
After a tea, a hot soup and an aspirin, I was feeling better! ;)

At the evening my host took me a bit around and we went to see the lighthouse nearby.
Oh, and had an amazing lobster soup at a famous little seafood restaurant.

Later on I went to see Sóley, who was absolutely amazing!! Last year I was on her concert in Budapest and I can’t believe that this time I saw her in Iceland in her home country.
I could truly enjoy the moment, my heart was so full of happiness!

But after all these perfect moments… I’ve got a messages from the tour office where I booked my day trips and they told me the Southern shore and Glacier lagoon one will be cancelled, as I was the only one who booked it and they need at least 2 people…..
I’m so disappointed!!!!! I hate when something like that just ruins my plan.
I don’t want to go home without visiting that area………
Hopefully today they will find out something. I’m going to this Golden circle afternoon in an hour, and they promised they will come and talk to me during the day and do their best to find an other tour. Fingers crossed!!

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