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Up North


This quote tells everything I’m feeling about Northern countries.
Doesn’t matter how much I love palm trees, swimming in the warm sea, sunbathing on the soft sand and feeling the rays of sun on my skin… It will never change anything about my passion about far away places up North…

February seems like an adventurous month so far, I’ve only spent a few days at home since arriving back from Stockholm and tomorrow I’m in the air again, and flying to Tromsø, Norway, crossing the Arctic Circle the 3rd time in my life! *excited*


I was hoping to fulfill my #1 wish on my bucket list, means… Aurora Borealis.
Although I’ve calculated even the phrases of the moon and was hesitating between traveling in February or March, etc, etc.
It still seems like useless, because it’s all about luck. So far they forecast lots of snow and clouds, but at this point I rather give up on checking every little details and believe in… magic.

With or without Northern lights… It’s still gonna be a fantastic few days and a memorable adventure! ;)





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