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Let’s just travel around this great big World

Traveling around the World

Travelling is a passion, craving to see more, to discover the hidden secrets, to talk to people you’ve never met before, to laugh like crazy and wake up in a new place with the greatest feeling inside, that today is just yours. Today you can do things you were just dreaming about yesterday and you’ll fill your day with sweet memories and learn a tiny bit more of you, about the person you really are.

Traveling around the world
That’s how I feel about adventures.
As soon as I start talking about it, I become a super excited little kid who just want to see more, do more, and never gets bored.

Right now that I’m organizing my big Iceland & Faroe Islands trip, I get even more excited.
This is the time when I daydream, when I do all the planning, booking, checking procedure. I don’t like over analyzing or planning things way to strictly, but I find it important to have enough knowledge about all those places I want to visit.
Travelling to a big busy city can be different, I love to jump spontaneously into the unknown and do whatever I feel like doing and not to be afraid about not checking all the touristic attractions.

But when I go to a wild, natural place where there’s so much to do and discover,  I can not stop myself wanting to have the best time of my life!:)

So far so good. I’m kind of happy with all the travelling I can do year by year and hope to increase the number of my trips!

Not to mention how much I’m missing living abroad, spending time here and there, escape to the unknown for a summer or spend a spring time in an other city somewhere far away.

I’m missing the Scottish highland, missing my favorite city, Glasgow, and keep thinking of my nice walk and evening runs in the Finnish forests.
These make me think about doing this again, but who know what the future holds.


One thing is for sure, travelling is a never-ending desire…

What about you? Is traveling around the World on your bucket list? :)

If yes, the upcoming items will be for you. If not, hopefully they will inspire you enough to consider being an adventurer, at least once in a while!


Vintage Hiking Rucksack for $56.96
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Mountain Landscape Whiskey Flask for $20
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 Travel Notebook for $6.15
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 Organic Indigo Eye Mask for $20
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 Luggage Tag for $7.99
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Wanderlust Jewelry Gift Set for $85
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Passport Case for 14.50+
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 Motivational Poster Typography Print for $12+
by TheMotivitaedType


Photos are from Pinterest, find them here. All the others are linked from Etsy.

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