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The good kind of Change


Happy New Year to all the lovely people out there!
Hope you are going to have a year that you’ve wished for! With full of happiness, health, success, adventures, old and new friends, love, simple moments and moments that take your breath away!

It’s the second day of this year and so far so good. At least 2015 brought me back to my blog!;)
And I guess you all know how this works. New year, new plans, new start and that gives a special energy boost to do all the things we’ve stopped or haven’t even started.

And me, I love this. It’s true that promising hundreds of things we know we’ll never be able to fulfill is stupid. But we all deserve a new start sometimes, a blank page, a new bucket list, or just some hope.

I still have this childish excitement about Christmas. I love the waiting part and all the magic in the air. We need to stop by time to time and appreciate all the things we have and all the good people around us.
It’s the same about New Year, the only exception, that it’s not only about the good things. it’s the perfect time to face the bad habits, broken, negative relations and let go all the perished that doesn’t let you grow anymore. As soon as you clear out all that space in your mind, you let the new in. And that’s the whole Universe is about, isn’t it? About the good kind of change.




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