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What if there is only TODAY?


I have to admit, I totally neglected writing my blog.
That gives you an idea how inspired I was in Iceland and how inspired I am at home. :P
I have been doing lots of interesting stuff, concerts, picnics, friends, amusement park, visit at home and work, work, work.
So, it’s not about not doing things, but I feel less creativity than when I’m on the road.
I couldn’t wait to come home and start some art projects, writing… including some blogging too.:)
But it’s never too late, so one and a half months after my journey, I feel like energizing myself and start something with me and my creativity… if it still exists!

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Day 4 in Iceland


Still at the Western part. Actually I should be back to Reykjavik tomorrow, but I’m thinking of longern my journey with one more day. I just wanted to make sure I’ll be back to the capital for my day trips organised from there, but on other hand I feel it’s a waste if I just spend one more whole day there instead of this amazing calm, natural area. We’ll see. I try to go with the flow. Although flow won’t take me to Reykjavik if I miss the bus what they have only once a day! :P

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Being on charger



It’s Sunday evening. Oh, no, actually almost night, but I can’t really feel the difference.

s like a 24 hours day without night. Love that.Yesterday it was still bright, warm and sunny outside at 10 PM. We went out for a bit of walking to the harbour and a bit more further. Amazing bird life, you can hear them so loud and that sound is so calming and relaxing. I have been to nice places before, and saw lots of beautiful pieces of the World, but this one seems like have all of these pieces together.

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