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Rainbows, salty air and magic

Sometimes I feel I’m in a dream.
Especially when I’m sitting in a cafe, sipping my almond latte, reading my book, thinking about what to write about.
Staring the people outside and the ones passing by the cafe. They are all different, they all pass by with a different reason, some to study, some are reading books, someone is meeting with an old friend, or a big group of tourists. But one thing is the same. They all seem to be busy, they all seem to know where are they coming from and where are they going to.
And when I look at me, I’m just the dreamer.

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Pieces of Iceland, Day 5

pieces of iceland, landmannalaugar

  There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust
This is a place where I don’t feel alone
This is a place where I feel at home.

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May in Snapshots


I was a lazy girl when it came to blogging lately.
I’ve always thought as soon as I leave my day job, I’m going to have plenty of time. I can do anything I want to and I won’t feel frustrated about time anymore.
Well, well, well. No, it wasn’t true.

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Breathe in the salty air and float

Today is a hot, sunny day here in Budapest.
Basically it’s the first real summer day this year.
I enjoy the vibe of this busy city, there is always something to do, concerts, parties, new bars, or simply walking around the beautiful attractions of Budapest.
But it’s not perfect for me without the sea… I miss the salty smell, miss the wild sound , to jump into the waves and immerse, just float… I want that. I want that every single day and each day I’m spending far away from the sea, I keep missing it.

I still have some nice Italian pics for you…

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A sunny day in Alberobello


I’ve promised to post some details about my Italian trip, so here I am to show you a few photos and interesting facts. Let’s start with our sunny daystrip to the lovely little town, Alberobello.
It’s famous for the traditional dwellings called “trulli” declared by UNESCO as World heritage.
No wonder why, it’s such a cute place with a special character I’ve never seen elsewhere before.

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Sweet Nothing


Well, after a long week of work, finally I have a whole weekend for myself.
And what’s the best way to celebrate this? Well… with doing exactly NOTHING.
Basically I’ve spent my afternoon with relaxing, daydreaming, drinking strawberry milkshake, enjoying the sun and the company of my grumpy cat!:)

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