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Rainy days


To make
living itself an art,
that is the
– Henry Miller

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Pieces of Iceland, Day 1

Pieces of Iceland
Here I am, I’m back from a fantastic adventurous 3 weeks in Iceland & the Faroe Islands.

I’ve started my journey full of expectations, hoping it won’t be less interesting as my last year one. And no, I can certainly tell you, I’ve got more of everything. I have answers for questions I have never asked and have all the extra energy in my soul and in my veins.

Let me tell you about this fairytale. Because endless green landscapes, bright blue skies, selfless kindness and never-ending surprises are reality somewhere far away… in a land called Iceland.

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Whale watching, lobster soup, Sóley

I’m always in the move and love to feel I’m using my time in an active way.
So, yesterday afternoon spontaneously I went on a whale watching boat trip.
Although I saw a whale for a few seconds, I wasn’t able to capture it, but instead I took lots of lovely photos about dolphins. One of them was super cute and was jumping out of the water, doing different tricks in the air.

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End of part one

Yesterday my trip at the western part of Iceland had come to an end. It was truly hard to say bye to all those amazing places, the calmness, sound of birds, the cool little wooden house and my fantastic host, Birgir! I’m such a lucky one! Experiencing all these is something very special.
Good to feel that when i start something truly from my heart, than the whole universe is here to help and bring the right people, right places and the best moments into my life!

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Day 1: Exploring Reykjavik city centre

Back from my little sightseeing in the city centre.
Very lovely city, I’ve got a nice impression about it and especially about people. They are very friendly, open minden and ready to help. Even when I didn’t ask for help, when an old lady saw me staring at my map and being lost, she came to me and asked if she can help.

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Reykjavik first impression

So, finally me and my huge yellow suitcase have arrived to Reykjavik!!;)

Plane landed at midnight, then it took a while to wait for the luggage, then secuirty asked a millions of questions what I’m going to do here, where I am going to stay, how long I’m staying… Was a bit weird, compared that it’s just… Iceland! :)

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