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Rainbows, salty air and magic

Sometimes I feel I’m in a dream.
Especially when I’m sitting in a cafe, sipping my almond latte, reading my book, thinking about what to write about.
Staring the people outside and the ones passing by the cafe. They are all different, they all pass by with a different reason, some to study, some are reading books, someone is meeting with an old friend, or a big group of tourists. But one thing is the same. They all seem to be busy, they all seem to know where are they coming from and where are they going to.
And when I look at me, I’m just the dreamer.

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The Liebster Award


Big thanks to Jaimie, the writer of the lovely Bubblewrap and Popcorn blog, who nominated me with my blog on the Liebster Award.
I find this a pretty cool idea, it helps people to find some cool new blogs, and good for the bloggers to get some attention from new sources.
And I like the idea of answering to some interesting and funny questions of strangers we have never met in person. So why not?
But of course don’t want to force any bloggers to do the same. I nominate some blogs too, as this is the rule, but only join the fun if you feel like!

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Why do we stay?


I’m always wondering why birds are flying back home after winter and not staying somewhere beautiful where the sea is. Why do they take that long trip, risking their life, just to be be back where they were born. They could just stay. They could find places where it’s easier to live. Where they don’t have to fight so much.

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Which life fits me best?


What if I won’t be able to do all the thing I want to do? That’s my biggest fear in this life.
There is no day this question not crossing my mind.

I was never good in choosing. In deciding. Telling what I want to do, what’s gonna be my exact profession and how I’m going to spend my days in the rest of my life.

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Is it easy?

I’m in love with that thought today.
Simple, but so true. There is nothing more important in life than being happy. It contains all those little details.
But I guess, we all know, sometimes it’s pretty hard to follow a simple advice like that. But it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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I’ve just noticed that I’m talking a lot about past events and feelings, thoughts, contemplations, but I’m not telling too much about my present and everydays.
I find this kind of ok, because in a certain way I tell a lot about myself and I open up my deepest emotions, so it would be really too much to add my daily timetable including if I had any fights, troubles, what I had for lunch and if I feel like cleaning or not!;)
But it’s true that lately I was talking sometimes in keywords… S
So briefly here is what’s happening to me in nutshell.

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End of comfort zone


Have you noticed, it’s hard to choose between comfort and uncertain?
It’s hard to give up something what makes you feel safe and comfortable. If you’re lucky, it’s even more. Maybe you’re happy and maybe
you are surrounded by great people and nice environment. But still… something deep inside you tells, it’s time to move on, to stand up and walk away.

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Yeah, right now I feel like running into the woods. And maybe I would feel less lost there, than right here.
My mind is full and asking me questions. I don’t know the answers, only feeling them.
And I don’t exactly know what I want, only what I don’t want.

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