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Cocoa-Muesli Pancakes


Yesterday I’ve run out of time a bit, there were so many things in my mind and actually we had a really cool weekend with lots of fun programs.
So this time #pancakesunday became pancake Monday!;)

A wonderful yummy looking pancake on Pinterest was my inspiration, but honestly finally I’ve changed so many ingredients and basically everything about it, that I guess, this is kind of a new recipe now!;)

Pancake Sunday #1


I guess all my friends know that I’m in love with food!:)
I enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and everything before, after and in between.
Good food always brings smile on my face.
But. I find it important to take good care about what we eat. It’s so easy to find super-duper cool looking sweets full of colouring, sugar and preservatives…

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Can you be happy 100 days in a row?


My answer is: I’m ready for the challenge! What say you?:) Yesterday I’ve found an inspiring post on the blog “A beautiful mess”. Basically the challenge is about to take a photo of anything that makes you happy every single day for 100 day in a row. I had kind of a same idea in mind for a while, but never really started to accomplish, so here is the moment to do it! I gladly say yes and join the fun!

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