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“I’ve been searching for sunflowers

All day long

I sew them up on my raincoat

There they bloom forever

Keep your dreams in your hand

Just walk away

You’ll find something that you would find

If you stayed…”

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Pieces of Iceland, Day 4

Pieces of Iceland , Háilfoss

“Iceland, fortunate isle! Our beautiful, bountiful mother!
Where are your fortune and fame, freedom and virtue of old?
All things on earth are transient: the days of your greatness and glory
flicker like flames in the night, far in the depths of the past.
Comely and fair was the country, crested with snow-covered glaciers,
azure and empty the sky, ocean resplendently bright.”
/Jónas Hallgrimsson/

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Pieces of Iceland, Day 1

Pieces of Iceland
Here I am, I’m back from a fantastic adventurous 3 weeks in Iceland & the Faroe Islands.

I’ve started my journey full of expectations, hoping it won’t be less interesting as my last year one. And no, I can certainly tell you, I’ve got more of everything. I have answers for questions I have never asked and have all the extra energy in my soul and in my veins.

Let me tell you about this fairytale. Because endless green landscapes, bright blue skies, selfless kindness and never-ending surprises are reality somewhere far away… in a land called Iceland.

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Let’s go on a Picnic!


Delicious sandwiches, homemade lemonade, waffles, iced-coffee,fruits like strawberry, grape and cherry…. All these in the fresh air, under the blue sky, lying on the grass on a sunny day… Do you know what I mean? Oh, yeah, it’s all about a perfect picnic!;)

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