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Pieces of Iceland, Day 2

Reykjadalur, Pieces of Iceland
“There’s no one on the island telling them they’re not good enough, so they just go ahead and sing and paint and write.”
Eric Weiner

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Pieces of Iceland, Day 1

Pieces of Iceland
Here I am, I’m back from a fantastic adventurous 3 weeks in Iceland & the Faroe Islands.

I’ve started my journey full of expectations, hoping it won’t be less interesting as my last year one. And no, I can certainly tell you, I’ve got more of everything. I have answers for questions I have never asked and have all the extra energy in my soul and in my veins.

Let me tell you about this fairytale. Because endless green landscapes, bright blue skies, selfless kindness and never-ending surprises are reality somewhere far away… in a land called Iceland.

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Let’s go on a Picnic!


Delicious sandwiches, homemade lemonade, waffles, iced-coffee,fruits like strawberry, grape and cherry…. All these in the fresh air, under the blue sky, lying on the grass on a sunny day… Do you know what I mean? Oh, yeah, it’s all about a perfect picnic!;)

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I wish for June…


June has started, so it’s appropriate to write an inspiring post about all the possibilities waiting for us this month!

This is my favorite time of the year. Here in Hungary it already starts to feel like summer, but not as hot and unbearable as July and August. Everything is bright and colourful. Strawberry fields, bright red cherries on the trees, some showers and thunderstorms that cool down the air, but still doesn’t feel too cold anymore.

This is the time when we start to think about our summer and planning our holidays.
This month is so full of hope, positive energy and possibilities.

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Italy Album

I uploaded some more photos on my Flickr about our Italian trip, check them out, hope you’ll like them!
I promise I stop photo dumping about Italy… I let you get ready for the Icelandic & Faroe Islands ones!:)
Only 28 days left! Wohoooo!

May in Snapshots


I was a lazy girl when it came to blogging lately.
I’ve always thought as soon as I leave my day job, I’m going to have plenty of time. I can do anything I want to and I won’t feel frustrated about time anymore.
Well, well, well. No, it wasn’t true.

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Breathe in the salty air and float

Today is a hot, sunny day here in Budapest.
Basically it’s the first real summer day this year.
I enjoy the vibe of this busy city, there is always something to do, concerts, parties, new bars, or simply walking around the beautiful attractions of Budapest.
But it’s not perfect for me without the sea… I miss the salty smell, miss the wild sound , to jump into the waves and immerse, just float… I want that. I want that every single day and each day I’m spending far away from the sea, I keep missing it.

I still have some nice Italian pics for you…

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1000 Things To Do This Summer


I’ve just found this cool list which gives me plenty of great ideas what to plan for this summer!
Summer is always passing by super fast, so better to get your pen and paper ready to write your own list just to make sure, you’re not missing out anything this year!

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Sweet Nothing


Well, after a long week of work, finally I have a whole weekend for myself.
And what’s the best way to celebrate this? Well… with doing exactly NOTHING.
Basically I’ve spent my afternoon with relaxing, daydreaming, drinking strawberry milkshake, enjoying the sun and the company of my grumpy cat!:)

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Can you be happy 100 days in a row?


My answer is: I’m ready for the challenge! What say you?:) Yesterday I’ve found an inspiring post on the blog “A beautiful mess”. Basically the challenge is about to take a photo of anything that makes you happy every single day for 100 day in a row. I had kind of a same idea in mind for a while, but never really started to accomplish, so here is the moment to do it! I gladly say yes and join the fun!

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