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Made with Love

Hi Dears, I have some pretty new revamped vintage cups in my online store made with love & care!
I have been thinking about creating these for a long while now, but finally I felt enough inspiration and creativity coming to my way and I’ve started to paint the first few ones.
There are much more new stuff to come very soon!
I hope you free souls, hippie sprits, freedom lovers, happy yogis, coffee & tea addicts will find something you like in my store!:) If you wish to see something there you haven’t found, send me a message, and we can find out a custom made one! Love and peace Xx

My latest exhibition

No, I didn’t get lost in snowy Norway, sorry for not being too active lately.
I still owe you a travelogue including photos I took there, but I rather write a post later separately just about my adventure.

Now I want to share an other kind of news.

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Handmade with love 2 – piece of Art by Gina S.


I’m back with the second Handmade with love interview, and this time you can read about piece of Art by Gina S. and her amazing, colorful and inspiring jewelries.

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Handmade with Love – The People’s Soap Co.

I’m in love with handmade products and eager to find more and more small businesses!
Not only because I find them much closer to nature, being environment friendly, but also because they have a personal touch.
I like to see the person behind the products I’m using. That’s the whole idea of my new interview series with Etsy sellers. I want to show you some lovely people with amazing, special, one of a kind products.

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Hand Painted Mugs


Have you checked my Shop section yet?
Wild Compass 4freedom has officially opened an online shop for hand painted designer mugs.
The first few ones are up on sale for a promotional $5 price until the 8th of October! Hurry up and get yours, or send me a message in case of a custom order!;) info@wildcompass4freedom.com

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