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I’ve just noticed that I’m talking a lot about past events and feelings, thoughts, contemplations, but I’m not telling too much about my present and everydays.
I find this kind of ok, because in a certain way I tell a lot about myself and I open up my deepest emotions, so it would be really too much to add my daily timetable including if I had any fights, troubles, what I had for lunch and if I feel like cleaning or not!;)
But it’s true that lately I was talking sometimes in keywords… S
So briefly here is what’s happening to me in nutshell.

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Where are those summer days?


Have you ever felt like closing your eyes for a second, and when you open them again, all the things you were looking for are gone?
I have the same feeling about summertime.
Winters are always so long and you can not wait to finally enjoy those summer days, go to the beach and swim, lie on the sun, have a picnic, barbecue, summer night walk, endless parties, oh and ice-coffee..;)

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Myvatn area and relaxing natural hot bath


Oh, yeeeah, I managed to do today’s plan: the lake Myvatn excursion. And we only got stuck once when the car didn’t want to get going! xD Except the Glacier Lagoon, I think this one was definitely the coolest landscape I’ve seen here so far. It was exactly like being on the Moon. (ok, I have never been to the Moon..;P )

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Bike, sun, relax, grass, Kjarnaskógur


Today we had amazingly lovely weather, at least compared that it’s Iceland! :)) It was around 18°C, but I’m sure it felt even warmer on the sun.
I came up with the idea of bike renting, but at my hostel they told me there is no bike rental in town.
I didn’t give up, so went to ask the main information centre where they told me the same. Then when I was already on the street, the girl from the office was running after me and told, they found one.
So lucky me!

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Being on charger



It’s Sunday evening. Oh, no, actually almost night, but I can’t really feel the difference.

s like a 24 hours day without night. Love that.Yesterday it was still bright, warm and sunny outside at 10 PM. We went out for a bit of walking to the harbour and a bit more further. Amazing bird life, you can hear them so loud and that sound is so calming and relaxing. I have been to nice places before, and saw lots of beautiful pieces of the World, but this one seems like have all of these pieces together.

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First morning in Arnarstrapi


My second morning in Iceland and the first one in Arnarstrapi, western part of the country.

I can’t really find the right words to describe what I see and what I feel.Honestly before my journey I had a bit of fear, what if I wait too much from this trip, what if my big dream won’t be as dreamy and what if I won’t feel that it is really worth it. But it’s not a question anymore, not at all!

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