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Yeah, right now I feel like running into the woods. And maybe I would feel less lost there, than right here.
My mind is full and asking me questions. I don’t know the answers, only feeling them.
And I don’t exactly know what I want, only what I don’t want.

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Where are those summer days?


Have you ever felt like closing your eyes for a second, and when you open them again, all the things you were looking for are gone?
I have the same feeling about summertime.
Winters are always so long and you can not wait to finally enjoy those summer days, go to the beach and swim, lie on the sun, have a picnic, barbecue, summer night walk, endless parties, oh and ice-coffee..;)

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What if there is only TODAY?


I have to admit, I totally neglected writing my blog.
That gives you an idea how inspired I was in Iceland and how inspired I am at home. :P
I have been doing lots of interesting stuff, concerts, picnics, friends, amusement park, visit at home and work, work, work.
So, it’s not about not doing things, but I feel less creativity than when I’m on the road.
I couldn’t wait to come home and start some art projects, writing… including some blogging too.:)
But it’s never too late, so one and a half months after my journey, I feel like energizing myself and start something with me and my creativity… if it still exists!

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First morning in Arnarstrapi


My second morning in Iceland and the first one in Arnarstrapi, western part of the country.

I can’t really find the right words to describe what I see and what I feel.Honestly before my journey I had a bit of fear, what if I wait too much from this trip, what if my big dream won’t be as dreamy and what if I won’t feel that it is really worth it. But it’s not a question anymore, not at all!

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