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Sweet Nothing


Well, after a long week of work, finally I have a whole weekend for myself.
And what’s the best way to celebrate this? Well… with doing exactly NOTHING.
Basically I’ve spent my afternoon with relaxing, daydreaming, drinking strawberry milkshake, enjoying the sun and the company of my grumpy cat!:)

I guess me and my cat are just posing the same way!;)
Why should I feel bad?
Enjoying a moment spent with resting, is always much more advantageous than spending your time with something that doesn’t make you happy.
If you’re tired, sleep.
If you just want to watch the sky, then lie down in the grass and stare the sky.
And if you want to dream, JUST DREAM!
And don’t forget to try the milkshake!
4-5 pieces of strawberries, 150 ml soy milk, 150 ml almond milk, 2 tbsp xilit or other sweetener.
Use a blender to mix it, enjoy!

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