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“I’ve been searching for sunflowers

All day long

I sew them up on my raincoat

There they bloom forever

Keep your dreams in your hand

Just walk away

You’ll find something that you would find

If you stayed…”


I was always a big lover of nature and flowers, all the things boho & hippie, but I never had such a craving for sunflowers before.
Now I just feel I’m getting addicted and wish we were still somewhere in August when I could seed some on my terrace.
I think it came in the moment when I bought a piece of beautiful sunflower from an old lady on the street just before my birthday. Then boom, I wanted more and more and now I can only enjoy them on Pinterest and Etsy.
Let me bring you to flowerland…



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And here are some handmade beauties you can actually buy from Etsy sellers:

Sunflowers Flower Crown by VintageDivinitiess

Sunflower – Temporary Tattoo by Tattify

Sunflower Fine Art Watercolor Card by PattyDuncanArt

 Sunflower Cartliage Earrlings by MidnightsMojo

Sunflower mulberry paper by HappinessGarden


And finally… You Must listen to this!;)

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