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Strawberry Pancakes


These strawberry flavoured pancakes were perfect end of my lovely weekend.

I tell you how I prepared them, but as always I would like to remind you that this recipe was spontaneously came to my mind, so I don’t have exact quantities. Be creative! ;)

(No sugar) Strawberry Pancakes
I used:
~1,5 dl soy milk
~3-4 tbsp graham flour
~2 eggs
~1 tbsp ground almond
~ 2 big strawberries
~1/2 banana
~1 tbsp xilit
~1 pinch baking soda
~1 pinch salt
~1-2 tbsp grape oil (plus some extra for frying)
Mix the ingredients and add any extras if needed.
During baking them my first 2 were too sticky and burned, but finding the right temperature finally helped.
In the end I prepared the same type of cocoa sauce as last time with adding some extra strawberry pieces and 2 tbsp of strawberry jam (diet one sweetened with Stevia).
I cooked the ingredients on low temperature for a couple of minutes until the sauce was nice and smooth. You can use a blender if you don’t like the strawberry pieces, although I think that’s the best yummy part.:)

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