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Stockholm weekend memories


We are back from our lovely mini weekend vacation in Stockholm.
Actually it seemed much longer than a weekend, we had so much fun and tried to fill these two days with the most experience as possible.

I have got so much impressions…

First of all, that Stockholm is much bigger than I expected, all those different parts of the city, the tiny little islands, the closeness of nature, the cozy streets covered by snow and a very important fact, they are crazy about coffee!:)


And somehow it was so obvious that we don’t see sad, depressive people, no trash on the streets and what surprised me the most that I saw much less people smoking than in Hungary. I don’t know the facts, so I don’t want to make a statement after spending there only a weekend, but first impressions are very good.


The only slightly negative that people seem like being a bit closed and cold for the first sight, but being well organised, polite and very correct is actually compensating these qualities. I’m sure they are nice, I already know some sweetheart Swedish.


All together, I think it’s a livable and absolutely lovable city with a plenty of things to do and places to discover… My fingers are crossed to be able to return soon and stay longer than a vacation…;)

“Stockholm is surely an urban planner’s dream. Everything works. Everything looks good.”
-Janine di Giovanni

“There is a very vibrant cultural scene in Stockholm. There are lots of places where there are concerts, and there are loads of museums and theaters.”
-Bjorn Ulvaeus

“A lot of young musicians in Stockholm are about keeping tradition alive and moving it forward at the same time.”
-Neneh Cherry

“There’s something I love about how stark the contrast is between January and June in Sweden.”
-Bill Skarsgard


“I’ve seen quite a bit of the world, but I really like Sweden and feel like I could live there some day.”
-Juliana Hatfield


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