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Stand Up


To be honest, this week doesn’t seem to be the best week of my life.
I feel I am a part of a series of events, that just want to get me down, like a conspiracy against me trying to tell that hey, doesn’t matter how positive and motivated you are, still can not win.

But I also have a message towards all these negativity; I will feel better, stand up, and I’m going to be stronger than ever!


Everything has started with a blood test checking my insulin and sugar level 3 times in two hours, including drinking a glass of pure sugar syrup to see how my body reacts.
Then the same day I pushed myself to go to workout, plus I have to mention how badly I’m suffering from my allergy lately.
So I guess all these things just kicked me out completely and I became sick, right before our Portuguese trip, just to stress me even more. Oh, and have I mentioned that I’ve just lost 90% of my photos from my SC card? Yeah, from one second to an other they have been deleted. Lovely day!

BUT actually I’m NOT writing this post to tell you about all these bad things, how sick I am and that life sucks…


I believe, everything happens with a reason and even if it’s something sad or annoying. I believe the Universe is not joking and laughing on me, but wants to teach and give me a lesson.

Maybe I was pushing myself too much and I was afraid to take a break. I was afraid I won’t finish my projects and plans in time. And I was too proud to skip a workout because of such tiny things as a blood test or an allergy.


Maybe that is what we are doing day by day, running crazy to finish everything we wanted, to be good in our job, to have a perfect body, to have a beautiful apartment… to be superman. But we are not, and when we are too blind to see that, life has to send a warning.


I’m grateful for that. I know, it all happened to keep me on my way.
We all have a bad day or week sometimes, but it doesn’t mean we have a bad life!

Namaste. x

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