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South Shore, Glacier Lagoon, Akureyri

I have a lots of things to tell about, but so far so little time to sit down and write.
But now it changed, because I arrived up North to Akureyri and it seems like it’s not the most interesting town ever. ok, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be happier if it would be bigger or busier, but somehow I have the feeling that it’s too big to enjoy the nature, but too small to do anything interesting.

But at first let me tell you about yesterday when I went for that South Shore and Glacier Lagoon tour.
It was sooo so amazing. Maybe that’s why I’m a bit disappointed today, because after so much beauty, you can’t truly appreciate what is simply just nice.
It was so much more wonderful than I expected.
We stopped by amazing waterfalls on the way there and back, captured lovely landscapes, but the true wonder was the Jökusárlón Glacier Lagoon.
I have never seen anything like that in my whole life. I have been to many places, but this one was something totally different experienced.
When I first saw that landscape, the sea with those huge pieces of ice…. It was like a bit of heaven. We went even for a boat trip.
Maybe I’m made of stone, but tears never came to my eyes before because of happiness. I’m not that type. If I’m happy I smile, if I’m sad I cry. I never understood those who just so easily melt of beauty and happy moments.
But it happened to me know and it was a wonderful feeling. I was so happy deeply inside. I knew that I just have to enjoy this moment and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

I promise pics will come soon too, but my phone is on charger now and THE photos of my big Canon camera will just come later when I’ll have the time to carefully pick them, cut them and resize them if needed.
But I have to tell that I have some really good ones.
I’m planning to order some huge prints of them that I can hang on my wall at home, and even a wee exhibition would be cool.

So, let’s talk about today.
I’ve never tried carpooling before, but just for the heck of it, I put on a request on that site.
And yeah, I received 2 offers to ride me up to Akureyri.
I was a bit afraid and skeptic, although I’m not too often thinking about danger and possibilities about bad happenings. But honestly I almost couldn’t sleep. I had different kind of versions in my head, like what if he will drive me to the middle of nowhere and kill me… :D
But he did not. Luckily! ;))
He is such a sweetheart old artist, born in the USA and grew up in Iceland.
But he lived also in Norway, Sweden and a lot more places. He has children in Scandinavia and one of them married to an Indian women.
Right now he came up to visit his brother who is a painter and his wife too!
He had an amazingly interesting life, he feels the same I feel about Iceland. He has such a special little World, he has a fantastic imagination and definitely a friendly personality.
Finally he invited me for dinner to meet with his brother. So hopefully tomorrow or the day after I go and meet them.
You know, this is the kind of day when I say it’s absolutely true that life starts after stepping out of your comfort zone!! Keep that in mind!;)
If I listen to my scared side who told me that it would be so much safer by bus, then I never meet with that guy who will be definitely a friend forever.
We had two other girls in the car too, who actually came to the same hostel as me and they are at the same room as me… What a shame! :P
19 years old girlies who came for one night to go party and get drunk…
This is the moment when I feel I’m old and grumpy and boring! :P
But really… If you want to get drunk, find a better place than up north in the middle of nowhere. I’m here to relax and enjoy the nature and not to listen them chit-chatting all night long. Blaaaaaah.
If I ever want to go to a hostel, please remind me that I hate hostels and I hate stupid teenagers and I hate to sleep with other people in one room and I hate the atmosphere of hostels…..!! Should I continue!? :)
Couchsurfing is so much better!!!

Hopefully I’ll manage to sleep at least a little. Shame I didn’t bring earplugs. Not that they are healthy, especially that I have a bit of earache.

I try to find some nice walking routes tomorrow as I don’t have anything booked for that day. I wanted to spend it with relaxing and enjoying the nature, but so far as I see, mountains are a bit too far to get there by walk. Will see.

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