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Snow day


I’m in such a winter mood!!!
I want my well deserved snow! I’m craving for it!
This year’s winter is really rubbish here so far. No snow at all, rainy, wet, grey, foggy, warm… and I can continue this ugly list forever…

But now I see some hope for the first snow as long as I can believe the forecast.

I’m bored that almost everybody hates snow lately. Mumbling and crying for summer…

I know, I know, I understand it’s good to wear your summer dress, jump into a lake on a hot afternoon and eat ice-cream all day long. But come on, there are so many cool things to do on a snow day!

Today’s mission: to bring you to winter wonderland and share a tiny bit of my snow mood;)

Let’s imagine…


snow fight

sitting in the window with a cup of hot tea and watch the snow fall

wake up on an early morning for the surprise that everything is white

knitted sweaters


hot chocolate

be under the soft cover

just lie on the ground and let the snow fall on your face

listen to the falling snow


go on an ice-skating date

build a snowman

bake cookies

drink red wine and watch movies

read your favorite book

just sleep, sleep… and more sleep

Winter is fun, don’t you think?!;)









(Photos are from Pinterest. I don’t own them. Check out my Snow Inspirations.)

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