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Sliding doors


Yesterday night I watched a movie, Sliding doors with Gwyneth Paltrow.
It’s not a new one, and maybe a few of you know the story, but it seriously made me think, and it worth a post I guess.

In a few words, the story is about a successful London women, works as a manager, has a handsome writer boyfriend, basically her life is perfect. And then… one day to an other, loosing her job.
From that moment the movie is showing us two lines, and the only difference, whether or not she catches the subway. In parallel, we see both ways how that tiny thing is changing her life.

It makes us think about fate, timing and decisions..

Personally, it’s not the first time I’m thinking about this topic. I never found the real answers, and maybe I never will, but just imagine for a second….

… There are hundreds of moments a day that are mutate your life one way or an other.

What are those coincidences that made your life the way it is today?

If you think back, how did you get to know your best friend, your lover, wife, husband..?

How did you hear about that job you are working at right now?

How a life changing idea came to your mind?

Any, I mean really ANY of your seconds are changing you and where do your life lead!

It’s scary, but true. It’s not even magic, just the reality. That’s simple. But I’m more interested -and the story writer was too- if whatever happens, whichever ways we choose, and whether we miss that subway or not, is there a moment, when no matter what, but fate does it’s job?!

If I have to meet someone, I meet him no matter what? Imagine, you met your boyfriend in a restaurant, (true story!;)) in a place you never went before, by chance. This day, that time, you had lunch there, so you got to know him. But what if you went to eat Chinese that day? You lost your chance to meet? That’s it? Or you meet that person on an other day, maybe not even that year, in a different life situation, the story line will be different, but at least you meet, because that’s your fate?!

Sorry if I’m annoying using questions in my whole post, but without knowing the answers myself, I won’t try to convince you about anything. Make you interested and curious about that topic, is more a success to me, then make you believe my point of view.

But of course, I tell you want I think.
I believe there are main, important events, people, happenings in our life. They will find us, no matter what. But thinking that everything is written, from A-Z… No! It’s my personal choice if I smile back at that stranger on the street, if I let someone to be my friend, if I can use the opportunity to get my dream job, if I enjoy my life, or crying and feeling blue until it’s too late… So what I guess, it’s 50-50%. Fate and ME.

And one more thing, well, actually two.:)

1. Watch that movie!
2. Don’t be grumpy if you wake up too late, miss the bus, get fired from your job… Because everything happens with a reason, maybe that’s the second that saves your life!



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