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Rhubarb Ice Cube Hearts


I start almost every morning with a glass of lemon water, that helps my body to stay hydrated and the C-vitamin boost makes me feel full of energy!
I like to experiment different kind of varieties, to keep it fun and colorful!

The rhubarb version is definitely my new favorite, perfect for the summer months and very easy to prepare.

I was following the instructions of this video, although I only had 2 pieces of rhubarb at home, it still turned out pretty well, and it was enough to get 16 pieces of rhubarb ice cube hearts.

Next time I make sure to use a bigger amount, because this juice is not only looks cool, but super healthy and it’s easy to attract your guest when organizing a garden party.


I didn’t want to waste the pulp, I prepared it with some sweetener and greek yogurt. It was delicious and I’m glad I could save that part of the fruit. I prepared it in no time without any recipes, but I’m sure you can find countless number of easy and fast instructions!


Please, let me know in comments if you’ve tried to prepare these lovely rhubarb ice cube hearts and let me know if you have any similar kind of recipes! You can be featured in the blog! x

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