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Reykjavik first impression

So, finally me and my huge yellow suitcase have arrived to Reykjavik!!;)

Plane landed at midnight, then it took a while to wait for the luggage, then secuirty asked a millions of questions what I’m going to do here, where I am going to stay, how long I’m staying… Was a bit weird, compared that it’s just… Iceland! :)

Never mind, but actually they were so much nicer then people at Berlin airport.


Flybus, 1AM

Then I took the flybus to the city centre where my host was waiting for me.
He is super friendly, right now I’m in his flat, he went working, left me the keys and I can leave my suitcase here and pick it up later.
That’s what missing from Hungarians… They don’t trust people.

As it’s midnightsun in Iceland now, it was light all night long! Very cool, although it was weird to sleep , I always had the feeling it’s already morning.


View from my room, 3AM;)

Try to make myself ready, then I discover the city a bit. At 5 PM I meet with my other host and travel to his weekend house in Arnarstrapi.

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