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Rainy days


To make
living itself an art,
that is the
– Henry Miller


The last couple of days were extremely rainy and stormy with all the grayness and depressing weather.

Me actually, I can easily appreciate that type of rainy days, find beauty, magic and depth in it. But when I get too big dose, I just lose some energy and falling into a deeper state of mind where I over analyze things, which is really not my type usually.

I have a lot in my head, including our moving in August to… Where? Ahh, yeah, we don’t even know yet! haha
Ok, I guess some of my friends or regular readers don’t really understand the last sentence as I was so sure about our choice, Stockholm, Sweden.

To be honest, it was a real well-considered, based on facts type of decision. Which doesn’t mean that I didn’t like Stockholm when we were there. I loved the vibe, the architecture, the closeness of nature, all the little islands, the possibility to visit the surronding countries… BUT both me and my boyfriend felt a bit neutral. We were missing the passion, to be keen about moving there. We are feeling ok about it, a very strong ok though..;)

So comes to the picture a country I’m all super passionate and excited about… well, guess what!?
Yes. It’s Iceland.
In Reykjavík I feel alive. It’s moving, colorful, artistic, stylish, a bit crazy, a bit weird… just like me.

Here we are hesitating between these two cities, two completely different cultures, weather and environment.
I guess non of them are better than the other, so there is no good or bad choice.

I’m sure the answer will come up pretty soon, till that I’m hoping for some sunny days, here over Budapest!:) x


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