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Rainbows, salty air and magic

Sometimes I feel I’m in a dream.
Especially when I’m sitting in a cafe, sipping my almond latte, reading my book, thinking about what to write about.
Staring the people outside and the ones passing by the cafe. They are all different, they all pass by with a different reason, some to study, some are reading books, someone is meeting with an old friend, or a big group of tourists. But one thing is the same. They all seem to be busy, they all seem to know where are they coming from and where are they going to.
And when I look at me, I’m just the dreamer.


A daydreamer in her magic little World with the love of freedom, rainbows, new places, the sound of the rain at night, the smell of the salty air by the sea, knowing that I can do anything, anytime. Living my life without bounds and dreaming about different lifes of different cities in faraway countries.

“Normal”. I’ve never liked this word, so I won’t use it to ask you, if that’s normal!?;)
I was never able to answer in one word for the questions, „Who are you?” , „What are you doing?” , „Where are you going to live?”.
I have too many pieces, I like too many things, I have too many plans. The more I think about what life I want to live in 10 years, the more I feel I need to experience a lot of options before I can choose.


Life is definitely way too difficult that way with ups and downs, but at least it shows me rainbows, gives me chances to swim in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, to stare the sunny sky and the stars at night. And that’s what I want for now. New places, new people, new smells and new experience.
But most importantly I always want to remember and spend time with old friends, old places, my home and my family


That’s all for today, blurry thoughts from a lovely cafe and some pictures from our latest trip to Portugal. But I’ll write more about it later! Until that, rainbows, salty air, magic, peace & love ;)


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