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Quick review from Berlin airport

Huh, that was definitely an interesting start of my trip… I’m not even sure if I can call it interesting, it was rather the category of horrible.

We arrived about 1 and a half hours before and as I already checked in online, I thought we are really in a good time.
Then….. at the passport check they told me, I can not travel to Iceland with that passport as it needs to be valid at least for 3 more months and mine is only for around 2!!Honestly the first time the told me this, I didn’t even understand. I heard the words, but I felt it’s impossible not to allow me on the plane!!

A valid ID card is acceptable too, but of course in the very last minute I chose to leave it at home… I thought it’s better not to have all my identification papers in case I lose my bag. Well, bad choice, definitely a very bad one.

In that point I had two choices left. Go home and back, which seemed impossible to complete. Or change the plane ticket for an other date, but as later they told me, the next plane was exactly same day next week. And there was also a limit in time how long they are able to change it for you before departure.

My super cool boyfriend (oh, he will be happy to read that;P) took a taxi and decided to make a try and bring me the ID card.

Meantime at least 3 crew member told me that it’s gonna be impossible and he won’t be back from the city centre that time of the day.

Also, they didn’t care I still have at least 1 hour until departure, they just talked about rules and policies and that after gates closed, I can not enter.

After I was crying like a baby, standing there like a piece of shit and asking every single person from the crew to do something and help me… Finally they became quite nice and told me, if he is back in time, they take me separated on a faster way and help me to catch the plane if possible.


And there is a happy ending, he got back super fast, they took me thru security check extra fast and I’m wondering how, but finally I was sitting on the plane! Ahhhhh

Stressful start.

Not that it’s not stressful right now in Berlin, where transit was bit weird as Reykjavik flight goes from a totally different and most far away terminal. Nobody talked to me in English, not even at the information.

And I’m bit worried about my suitcase… What if they won’t transfer it for me, maybe I’m really just too stressed. But I don’t want to spend 2 weeks in one piece of jumper. :O

Keep you updated later on. I try to survive! :P xxx


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