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Pink hair don’t care


Most of my friends know that I’m crazy about my hair and can’t let it be the same for too long!
My hair is a nice white canvas in my mind and not to change it, feels like wearing the same dress all my life.
Of course time to time I try to behave and let it be “natural” as much as possible, but the little evil inside me can’t resist doing some tiny changes!

Right now I’m very happy about my ombre, finally I start to see how my real hair color is, and pretty much love my new fringe too!
But still, lately that we have so many possibilities for temporary hair dye, I can not say no for a little bit of pink… It lights up the cold, grey winter days!
Any crazy colors you fancy to try?:)


Please, ignore my messy balcony, I’m too lazy to keep it nice in the winter!:P


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