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Pieces of Iceland, Day 4

Pieces of Iceland , Háilfoss

“Iceland, fortunate isle! Our beautiful, bountiful mother!
Where are your fortune and fame, freedom and virtue of old?
All things on earth are transient: the days of your greatness and glory
flicker like flames in the night, far in the depths of the past.
Comely and fair was the country, crested with snow-covered glaciers,
azure and empty the sky, ocean resplendently bright.”
/Jónas Hallgrimsson/

Pieces of Iceland

Pieces of Iceland

Well, I’m slow, way too slow when it’s about uploading, editing my photos, not to mention I’m not the most well-organized person on Earth, so you can imagine my huge amount of pics taken during the 3 weeks journey. I might finish posting them till Christmas. Haha

But hope you’ll enjoy my day 4 photos. These are pretty much my favorites, because Háifoss a magic. The perfect waterfall in a perfect environment.
This is the second largest waterfall in Iceland.

Pieces of Iceland, Háifoss

I wish I could have sat there for long-long hours and just listen to the sound and fascinated by the view.




And not to forget about Hjálparfoss. Less huge, less noisy, but so wonderful, so different.

Pieces of Iceland, Hjálparfoss

Pieces of Iceland, Hjálparfoss

Pieces of Iceland, Hjálparfoss



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