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Pieces of Iceland, Day 1

Pieces of Iceland
Here I am, I’m back from a fantastic adventurous 3 weeks in Iceland & the Faroe Islands.

I’ve started my journey full of expectations, hoping it won’t be less interesting as my last year one. And no, I can certainly tell you, I’ve got more of everything. I have answers for questions I have never asked and have all the extra energy in my soul and in my veins.

Let me tell you about this fairytale. Because endless green landscapes, bright blue skies, selfless kindness and never-ending surprises are reality somewhere far away… in a land called Iceland.

 I would like to start with this nice quotation. That is how I actually started my travel diary I took with me.

“All I really want to do is spend my life travelling the World, reading books that take my breathe away, drinking all kind of tea and occasionally write some thing.
I mean is that too much to ask for?”

Isn’t it a great one to start an adventure? I’m still in love with these few lines.

Pieces of Iceland
Going back to the land I appreciate so much is such a wonderful feeling.
This time I didn’t go all alone. As I was talking for hours and days and weeks about my big fantastic experience in Iceland last year, my parents decided on joining me for a while, exactly for the half of the trip.
It’s always a big challenge for me to travel with others, especially when they are family members. I’m too much afraid of losing the cool, deep moments, the little wonders and get lost in fights, while we should enjoy the amazing lands.
My fears became reality actually, we had some hard time together I guess, but finally after all it wasn’t so bad… And it’s an other kind of great feeling to share your love and passion towards something with other people. It’s not easy at all, but If I succeed to open some eyes and let them see the beauty and feel the peace, then it’s worth a try!

Pieces of Iceland

The best thing you can experience after arriving to Reykjavík is the midnight sun. For some people it might be weird and annoying when it comes about sleeping, but for me it’s the endless possibilities. I love that I can go for a walk or even for a hike at midnight. I could easily live an opposite life rhythm there, spending time in the nature at night and rest a bit at day time. Would be cool actually, because all the attractions that are a bit too touristy, after 10PM basically empty, but you still have enough light to take great photos.

This time we didn’t leave us time to be in Reykjavík. My friend, Birgir, I got to know last year thru Couchsurfing, was waiting for us and drove to a calm little place, sorrounded by forest (if we can use that word in Iceland). It was near the beautiful national park, Þingvellir.

Our plan was to stay for a couple of days and take some day trips from here.
Photos I’m sharing in this post were all taken on our first day on our way to the wonderful Glacier Lagoon.

It was a pretty long way and we were all dead after only a couple of hours sleeping. But come on, to the Glacier Lagoon? I would go anytime using the very last drops of my energy!:)

First stop was Seljalandfoss.

Pieces of Icleland

It is enthralling to hear the powerful sound of the waterfall and you can walk behind where it’s even more wonderful. You are definitely not coming out dry, but it’s a part of the experience.
The waterfall drops 60 metres over the cliffs and it was a waypoint during the first leg of The Amazing Race 6.

Second stop: Skógafoss, which is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland with the width of 25 metres and a drop of 60 m. According to legend, the first Viking in the area, buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall.
It is possible to climb up to the top for a view of the southern coastline. Or if we have the energy we can continue or way on a trail going down towards a valley.

Pieces of Iceland


Our third place to stop was Vík with its black sand beach. It’s a shame the weather was very grey, rainy and windy, but I still managed to have a quick walk by the seaside. There is something different and magical in here, it’s so different from any other sandy beaches.

Pieces of Iceland

After leaving Vík behind, we didn’t have more stops until our final destination. We were hoping it will turn less rainy later so we can see some more on our way back.

After a couple of hours driving we arrived to Jökusárlón Glacier Lagoon.
I still remember for the first time I was here. I was so emotional and I had the feeling that I did something huge and amazing. Simply by coming here I felt fulfillment and I thought, if I would die that day, I could still say that I did something wonderful in my life.

Maybe I was less emotional this time, but it was still so great to be back here within a year.

This lagoon won’t be here forever, and everybody should visit here once in a life, because this is not an ordinary place. The only place where you can see something like this in Europe. Maybe the next place to be able to experience similar, would be in Greenland.

Pieces of Iceland, Jökusárlón, Glacier Lagoon

Pieces of Iceland, Jökusárlón, Glacier Lagoon

Pieces of Iceland, Glacier Lagoon, Jökusarlón

Pieces of Iceland

Jökusárlón is actually a broad lagoon on the southeastern coast. The lagoon formed after the glacier began receding during the 1940s.
Jökusárlón has been a setting for four Hollywood movies: A View to a Kill, Die Another Day, Tomb Raider and Batman Begins, as well as the reality TV series, The Amazing Race.

Some cool pics I shot on our way back. Few of them just from the car, some of them during a quick walk. These were still close to the Lagoon.

Pieces of Iceland, Jökusárlón, Glacier

Pieces of Iceland, Glacier, Jökusárlón

Pieces of Iceland, mountain, hill

Pieces of Iceland, Jökusárlón, Glacier

Pieces of Iceland, Jökusárlón, Glacier Lagoon

And finally, our very last stop. Svartifoss, also called Black Fall in Vatnajökull National Park.
Maybe it’s not the biggest or strongest one in Iceland, but surrounded by very interesting looking rocks.

Pieces of Iceland, Svartifoss

Basically what we have seen and done in one day was a huge amount of attractions what I would usually see maybe in 3 days!:)
Intensive landscapes, feelings and energies… Arrived back around midnight, all tired, but ready for a new day and more things to see!


If you are interested about my whole 3 weeks and more pieces of Iceland,  please follow my blog and be sure to visit back every day.
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