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Past, Present, Future


Strong heat, calmer mind, less mess, more nostalgia.
This is my life at the moment. Things seems to be less chaotic and finally I can see the light.
Maybe it’s the heat that basically kicks me out and doesn’t leave me the chance to be too much worried or nervous, I’m too busy lying in front of the fan on my couch in the company of my cats.

Indeed I still feel lazy and I see time passing by fast, way too fast… But to stop for a second, close the eyes, take a deep breath and look back to the past is necessary sometimes.

I’m not the type who thinks back too often. To be honest I was never a big fan of old movies and the books that were already old the time I was born. I’m following the same principle in my own life as well. I concentrate on what is happening today, because what’s gone is gone, we can not change anything, pointless to waste energy.

But I have to admit, the past is a part of us and time to time can be great to ask some questions to ourselves.
Have I changed? Have I evolved? How are my feeling compared to 2-3 years ago? Did I chose the right ways?
Did I leave the negative things/people behind and carried on with the right ones?

And to be honest, my answers couldn’t be any happier than they are at the moment.
I was always trying to be me, to be real, to be in balance with myself whether I was alone or in a relationship.
But then and now seems like two different Universe. Many things I wanted to know a couple of years ago, became understandable only lately. Like the pieces of a puzzle.

I’m happy and proud that my life is just the way it is. Not perfect, and I haven’t got all the answers I’m looking for, but it’s me leading my life and I’ve trashed everything that is trying to pull me backwards.

I love my memories, I’m excited about my future and enjoy living my present.

Can’t stop listening to this song today… Enjoy!:) x

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