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Paris, should I love you?

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La vie est faite de petits bonheurs.”

I was never particularly passionate about Paris.
I was keep hearing that everybody is so much attracted and amazed by the language, the fashion, the vibe…
The first time I traveled to Paris I was a teenager, visited it with my Parents, so it wasn’t really the kind of experience I was expecting.

Now as a grown up woman (am I?!) it was a whole different trip, saw things with new eyes and got a diverse point of view, kind of…


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To jump back to the beginning of the story, I got the plane ticket to Paris from my boyfriend for Christmas.

I was very excited about this possibility, because secretly I was always hoping to get the chance to travel back and experience the city with the eyes of someone who grew up there. Someone who can show me the hidden little streets, the ones that are not full of tourists. To drink coffee in local bistros, taste the real French food, to get lost in details and feel the romantic atmosphere everybody was talking about.

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To be honest, there were our expectations about this vacation, and there was the cruel reality that changed everything…
Because of a very sad happening everything has changed from a minute to an other, and this way our one week trip was different too.

Except that, we were trying our best to make the most of it and every single seconds we could spend with sightseeing were just simply amazing!

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Of course, I insisted to do the usual touristy walk around the most famous attractions, but it’s true that the most pleasurable part was when I could finally see some hidden parts that I would never be able to find by myself.



I have to be honest. France is still not on my top 10 list, (oh, how cruel does that sound?:)) but that’s possibly, because simply I am attracted by different type of countries where i feel more open-mindedness, more friendliness and definitely more nature. BUT that’s why I’m not giving up and seriously being interested in other parts of France where I can feel more peaceful places, more nature, landscapes.. and magic!;)

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Now actually I can more understand my friends being crazy about Paris. Maybe it’s not My Wonderland, but I can clearly see what are those little things that makes you feel, this city is nothing like any others on this Earth.


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And how I could possibly forget about food?!
I mean the good food, except SNAILS!! The first meal on my first night in France that my boyfriend made me taste.
I tell you I have never ever wanted to taste it and I never ever want to taste it again, but I was a good girl… Gave it a try. And nope, my negative idea about it did not change!


But all the other food I tasted were amazing! meaningless to say, of course my favorite was the giant double burger with heavenly melting cheese… The best burger of my life so far, and that’s big word, I’m an official tester, haha.


And the steak tartare… Yummm.


I hope I made all of you super hungry for good food and hungry of Paris too of course!;)
I definitely recommend you to pay a visit there if you haven’t done it yet, a lifetime experience for sure, but try to make your stay easier than mine was, and learn some French before!;P

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As a last picture, I was trying to find our cheesiest one, we are talking about Romantic France after all…

So, Paris, should I love you? I say yes. x

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