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Pancake Sunday #1


I guess all my friends know that I’m in love with food!:)
I enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and everything before, after and in between.
Good food always brings smile on my face.
But. I find it important to take good care about what we eat. It’s so easy to find super-duper cool looking sweets full of colouring, sugar and preservatives…



I already had a initiation about healthy baking.
I don’t feel like continuing this blog separately, but from now I try to share some more recipes and advices on Wild Compass for Freedom.
Including a #pancakesunday, hope you’ll all enjoy.

Here is the first easy peasy recipe.
Banana pancakes
Believe it or not, but these yummy pancakes were made of 2 eggs & 1 banana.
That’s it. Use a blender to mix the ingredients, actually I used a tiny bit of grape oil too.
Heat up a frying pan, use some oil again to prevent pancakes being too sticky.
I think it looks better when they’re smaller sized, like american pancakes.
Fry both sides & enjoy your delicious sweets without using anything unhealthy.


Do you feel like reading about more healthy recipes?


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