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October has come so fast that I couldn’t even say a proper hello, and look at it, almost gone already.
As I mentioned before, I’m not the number one fan of autumn, but have to admit, this month was just the way it’s written in children’s book. Hundreds of shades of green, yellow, red and brown, bright sunny days, cold foggy evenings.
Movie nights with hot tea and freshly baked apple-pumpkin muffins. This is like magic, isn’t it?

My parents visit made this month even more exciting!
It was so much fun to show them around Stockholm, take them to our favorite coffee places, have breakfast together, wander around in the old town and go discover some islands by boat. It was very great, especially that this was the first time we met since we moved here.


Unfortunately October was not only about sunny days and the smell of pumpkin, but also a very long week of sickness, lying in bed all day, not being able to breathe, to smell or taste anything… Basically my life has stopped for these days and I felt so helpless. I couldn’t paint, or do any of my current handmade projects, didn’t have the energy to write or read. All I could do was watching Gilmore Girls all day, all evening, oh and some X-files eventually.:)
I’m still disappointed I had to miss so many great opportunities to spend time outside in the nature and had to skip all my yoga classes as well.


But hey, the good news is that now I’m possibly staying alive, getting better day by day and feeling the energy and inspiration coming back to my veins!
I have some exciting new plans in my mind, not to mention our trip up North to the Abisko national park. It’s actually happening in 3 weeks! Yay!!


So, all in all, if we add all the good and mix it with these few days of bad, I guess we still end up with a pretty cool month behind!

Take care you all, drink lots of tea and eat lots of healthy food, so you don’t have to suffer like I did!;) xx



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