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Never stop exploring


Never stop exploring the wilderness
Never stop staring the gentle waves
of crystal clear waters,
and imagine new adventures
in the reflection of the sky.

After the first few days of acclimatization, spending way too much time in bed being sick, I finally feel more energy to do real things, to discover, go hike and get lost in the nature.


We had pretty much a tiring, but very fun hiking weekend!
To be honest, I’m not too confident about the word, “hiking” here in Sweden, because so far all the nice green areas we have visited, were so nicely organized, tidy and everything prepared to be comfortable, that actually I’m hesitating.. Usually hiking means  for me super high mountains, dirt and sweat, and I guess I need some time to get used to the Swedish landscape. But that’s the great part, every single country’s nature is so different and not comparable at all. That’s a whole new world, but actually what a pretty, magical World!:)



On Friday we visited the Grimstad Nature Reserve.
We wanted to pick something calm and relaxing, a green area not too complicated to reach, and this place was definitely the perfect choice. We could easily get there by metro without any stops.
Very peaceful forest, paths to walk, jog, ride, perfect for the sporty Swedes. Everybody seems to be so fit, enviable, I feel like a very lazy person.:)


We planned the bigger trip for Saturday in the hope of an early start. Well, almost… let’s say we were better than usually!;)
I prepared sandwiches, bought lots of fruits and healthy treats, then we started our way to the Tyresta national park. Took us a metro and 2 bus rides, but compared to how different area we arrived, I wouldn’t say it was a long trip, was about one and a half hours from our apartment.


The park extends over almost 5,000 hectares. It has been protected to preserve its exceptional natural values and to safeguard its importance for recreation. You can find primeval forest here with pine trees that are 400 years old, clear forest lakes and a large number of unusual plants and animals.
Up to 8.000 species of animals can be found here which is four times as many as in exploited forests!


Unfortunately it’s not only a place of carefree happiness, but also of tragedy. In August 1999, around 4.5 square kilometres of forest or ten per cent of the national park and nature reserve burnt down.
In some parts of the forest you can still see the remain of this tragedy and there is definitely an overall enchanted atmosphere. I felt, I’m suddenly a part of a fairytale, got lost in the magical woods, where everything is waiting for someone to absolve the curse. Indescribable feeling.


Not to mention the silence. It was maybe the most silent forest I have ever been to. We rarely heard birds singing, or frogs croaking. But I guess that is changing when the night falls. Once I really would like to come pack for a long weekend to camping, I’m sure that would be a whole different experience.

11990413_10207914375124181_7609418613056208422_n (1)

If I can give one very important advice to you in case planning a trip to Tyresta by bus, well, don’t forget to pay attention on the way back! Unless you want to walk all the way back till the next village, like we did. And I can tell you, this was the last thing I felt like doing after a long day of hiking! Make sure you check the timetable, but I guess there were no buses back from Tyresta after 6PM.
Well, at least we have learnt out lesson, I don’t even want to imagine how much we were walking that day.:)


Compared to the previous days, Sunday was much less tiring, but I’m still proud we’ve managed to get out of bed not so late, and had a lovely day walking in a little park at the Marieberg area, then crossed the Vasterbron bridge to get to the tiny island of Langholmen. Very pretty little place with more green areas of course, and a nice tiny sandy beach. Must be paradise on the hot summer days, but actually there were people swimming there even now when the temperature was not more than 18-20 degrees.


Then continued our way back to the hipsterish island, Södermalm. Definitely my favorite island with the super cool cafes and vintage shops.
So that is an average Sunday here when we pass by at least 4-5 islands, still can’t get bored of that!:)


Green, green, green, nature, peace, harmony, exactly what my soul was craving for in Budapest, and now that is our reality. I can not wait to experience all the upcoming trips that are waiting for us.
Till that I’m sitting at my favorite spot in the kitchen, drinking coffee and lemony water, while I’m dreaming of this magic weekend we had. x




I’ve used some informations from the official site of Tyresta, make sure you check it out for more interesting facts!

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