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Myvatn area and relaxing natural hot bath


Oh, yeeeah, I managed to do today’s plan: the lake Myvatn excursion. And we only got stuck once when the car didn’t want to get going! xD Except the Glacier Lagoon, I think this one was definitely the coolest landscape I’ve seen here so far. It was exactly like being on the Moon. (ok, I have never been to the Moon..;P )



We stopped by also the famous waterfall Godafoss and had a wee hike on an amazing lava field. We visited the hot spring area of Myvatn and also the Natural Thermal Bath. Yeah, that’s life! Sitting in the hot water and enjoying those landscapes in the background… Unbelievable. That’s what I’d need every day after work! ;)


The tour guide was a very pretty middle age women. Not that usual sporty type tour guide. How can I say… she was more like me! haha And I was very surprised when she came to me and asked if I saw Eurovision song contest this year. I asked why, and she told me that the Hungarian one was the best and she really liked our singer. :) How cool is it that you are in Iceland and you hear such a nice compliment.:) I feel like writing more, but I’m getting extremely tired and sleepy.. There is a huge mess around tomorrow’s Grimsey ferry and buses… I’ll do my best, but I’m quite worried as I still don’t have ticket and seems like no bus connections. At least not both ways… That’s why I longerned my stay in Akureyri so I go crazy if finally I won’t be able to do it. Everything on my Icelandic must do list is done and to be completely happy before going home, I just really need to reach that island!! I know I can be maniac… :P

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