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My life lately…


“Don’t ever let them tell you
that waking up,
and reintroducing your feet
to the cold floor
below your bed
isn’t something
to be proud of.
Don’t ever let them say
it’s not brave
shutting your eyes
each night.”

-Tyler Knott Gregson-

The past few weeks have changed a lot of things and made me feel different in many ways. Made me think about important things in life and revalue all the small and big things of everydays.

It scares me how much we can lose the drive over our own and our loved ones life. We all know life works like this, but it’s still scary to face it in unexpected situations.

I always had this fear about time and about all the things I want to do and achieve, but now it’s even more here, scares me and brings a lot of questions into my mind. Wish I was able to use every seconds of my day for something productive and important and still struggling about finding the right ways. I’m afraid I’m getting lost in details while I’m not moving forward to the destination I should reach. But who knows if there is a destination anyway? Maybe a life can be complete and happy without running to reach a certain goal.

I more and more feel that reading a good book in my favorite cozy coffee, enjoying the sun in a nice green spot, watching the sunset, doing sport, treating myself with healthy food and being with my loved ones are actually enough. This is what life is about. And all the rest is just something extra. A good job, the perfect career, nice big home are indeed important. In some people’s life these are the main dish and everything else is just the spice. For me it’s exactly the opposite, I’m all blissful and satisfied with my “main dish” but of course I’ll be even happier when I find this extra spice in my career one day.

Until that I cry from happiness under Northern Lights, admire magical glaciers, endless green meadows, the sound of sea and the smell of late summer nights and try to open my heart for things and people who are really worth it. And be there for them when they need me. x


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