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My latest exhibition

No, I didn’t get lost in snowy Norway, sorry for not being too active lately.
I still owe you a travelogue including photos I took there, but I rather write a post later separately just about my adventure.

Now I want to share an other kind of news.

It’s about my latest artworks being exhibited in my all time favorite cafe which is super close to my heart, Műterem Kávézó.
Would be hard to find a better place to display my paintings, I come here like I go home. Also I was working here for 2 years and I’m still a regular guest and keeping coffee workshops time to time.
This is the perfect cozy art cafe where you want to start a busy Monday and where you can chill on a lazy Saturday with a good book.


This time I’m exhibiting not only my paintings, but also some photos I took during my Faroe Islands adventure.
Later I’m planning to display some more photos, including my Icelandic and Norwegian trips.


Here are some photos I took the other day, but if you happen to be that side of the World, somewhere near Budapest, you are welcome to visit Műterem Kávézó and check out my artworks in person!:)








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