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I’ve just noticed that I’m talking a lot about past events and feelings, thoughts, contemplations, but I’m not telling too much about my present and everydays.
I find this kind of ok, because in a certain way I tell a lot about myself and I open up my deepest emotions, so it would be really too much to add my daily timetable including if I had any fights, troubles, what I had for lunch and if I feel like cleaning or not!;)
But it’s true that lately I was talking sometimes in keywords… S
So briefly here is what’s happening to me in nutshell.

First of all made a very hard decision that means I give up my daily job in the cafe.
It still makes me think and I still feel a bit unsure about this whole thing, but all I know is that I need some fresh air, freedom, journeys, creativity, to paint, to write, to have time for my own projects. But have to admit it’s a very brave and maybe naive step as I don’t have any concretes what the hell I’m going to do from April.
Not to mention how much I’m going to miss everything about my beloved cafe. Ok, ok, not everything!;P But the family atmosphere, the calmness, the passion about coffee… and… khmmm… the weekly salary! haha
But I know it’s time to change. I have to move forward, or at least try. If I never try I never know and comfortable situations just rarely helps you to go ahead.
I’m planning some relaxing and creative projects first. Then who knows. Smaller journeys for sure. Longer? Maybe! My heart wants to fly, but when I fly too far for too long, my homesick always brings me home… Diverse.


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