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Merry Christmas


Oh, well, well, last time I wrote here, I was pretty much shocked how fast October had gone, and now it’s Christmas time.
I had so much things going on, good and bad, crazy adventures, new handmade project, Lapland, Northern Lights, Advent coziness, pre-Christmas celebration with my boyfriend, and now actually I’m in my bed back in Miskolc, Hungary and typing these few lines while I feel incredibly sleepy, but lucky to spend a few days with my family and friends.
I promise to be back soon with plenty of photos, little stories and pieces of my new woven project!
But till that…I hope you’re all having a cozy Christmas holiday with your loved ones, relaxing and eating good yummy homemade food.:) And I hope you don’t forget to be grateful you’re alive and that you breathe! Don’t forget to hug all your loved ones and tell you love them! Don’t forget to look up at the sky, stare the stars and hope for magic! Merry Christmas, dears! x

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