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May in Snapshots


I was a lazy girl when it came to blogging lately.
I’ve always thought as soon as I leave my day job, I’m going to have plenty of time. I can do anything I want to and I won’t feel frustrated about time anymore.
Well, well, well. No, it wasn’t true.

I still have to learn a lot about organizing my days the way I still feel free & spontaneous, but having some must do points on the daily time schedule.
But first of all, I’m trying not to feel guilty at this stage. Everybody needs some “me time” when you just enjoy being free, being happy, light-hearted and enjoying tiny pleasures of life… like amazing food, lying in the grass on a sunny day, staying in bed all day and having pajama party with your cat! haha Ok, that last one sounds weird!;)

Here are some lazy moments of my last couple of days… I was trying to reduce the number of food porn pics, but come on, the buttermilk pancakes with crispy bacon and matcha orange juice… they were too perfect to be true on a lazy Sunday morning (afternoon):)


These buttermilk pancakes were so nice. Maybe the best pancakes I have ever prepared. And the recipe was so easy. I ‘ll post it soon.


And the cool new thing in my life. WAFFLES!
I know it’s really just me who talks about them like new, but I didn’t have a waffle iron and now that I’ve got one, I’m like a little child and I want them day and night! As always I’ve created the healthy no sugar, whole grain version. Went even more further and prepared matcha ones. Yummm..


We went on a picnic this weekend. This is one of my favorite things to do. Go to the nature, to the green, have a peaceful moment and… eat more yummy food!:)





We are big concert junkies, sometimes we go every weekend.
This one was Odett at A38. It’s a big ship on the Danube, cool concerts and nice atmosphere, not to talk about the view at night.


Of course a glass of wine is good for your health!;) Keeping this in mind I had a glass one of those hot evenings. It really felt like summer, I wish this weather could stay until autumn.

And at last. but not least… Me and Hermione who wanted to give me a kiss or drink my coffee, couldn’t decide which one. Knowing her, I guess it was the coffee..;)



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