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Matcha Ice Cubes


Matcha green tea is not only looking good with its’ bright green color, but works perfectly as a healthy and delicious summertime cooler.

This time I wanted to try something new, and prepared some matcha ice cubes hearts.
Super tasty in a glass of rice milk, or to cool your coffee latte!

Here is what you need to make app. 16 ice cubes:

– 4 tsp matcha green tea powder

– 150 ml rice milk or any alternative milk you fancy

– ice cube tray / mold

Use a blender to mix the green tea powder with the milk and poor the liquid into your ice cube tray.
Leave it overnight in the freezer and enjoy an ice cold matcha drink!


If you are not into milky / coffee type of drinks, you can try to prepare it with water instead of rice milk. This way you can use the ice cubes in your fresh orange juice. I promise, it’s amazing!;)




Did you know that matcha increases concentration, burns fat, boosts energy and it’s a natural cancer-fighter? So you a few more reasons to drink it more often!




Do you have a super cool matcha recipe? Share in a comment or send it to and you can be featured in the blog! x



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