Magic of the Northern Lights

Magic of the Northern Lights


“We do not want merely to see beauty, we want to become part of it.” C.S. Lewis

I had a dream. I put it on my bucket list. I was dreaming about it again, I tried to chase it, I failed. But I was keeping my craving alive and so I achieved.

Everytime I fulfill a big dream, I feel I’m the happiest person on Earth and it reminds me I’m alive and I know, whatever happens, this is mine, nobody can take my memories, nobody can erase my passion.

God knows since when I’m thinking about Northern Light. All the mystery, the atmosphere, the power behind it, simply made me feel like I can not leave this Earth without experiencing this wonder. I just knew that my life wouldn’t be complete.
Yeah, I know, I might sound weird, because usually all that I hear is wishing money, success, material things. And me? I just want to see things, experience them, be a part of them. That is all I want. The older and more mature I am, the more I see what is important in my life and what are the things I have to go for in first place.


It doesn’t mean I don’t want success, or that I don’t need money, but I place self-fulfillment over professional success and the importance of money is only taking part as a tool to do more, to travel more and to explore more.
I talk about these as a part of my mature, adult life, while I might sound childish, but there is one more thing coming with time… The feeling that I don’t care! To be unconditionally happy, we have to let ourself be whatever we want to be, no matter how we reach that state.


I know I owe these pictures for ages, but there were so many things happening since my Norwegian trip, that I just simply didn’t feel like sharing the photos without any deeper thoughts.


Spending those few days in Tromso, Northern Norway was a really nice winter experience. Everybody knows I’m the type of girl who loves snow and I have no problem with the cold, in case I have an endless bright white winter wonderland in exchange.
As I couldn’t  experience it at home, in Budapest in the past few years, it was a relief to arrive this place!
Although the crazy snowing and cloudy, foggy weather were real danger to be able to see the Aurora borealis.
I was trying to prepare myself for the worst and decided not to be disappointed in case I won’t see the lights. I was discovering the city, all the nearby areas and got the loveliest view  from “Fjellheisen”, the top of the hill where the cable cars go. It was unearthly experience when the sun started to go down. Endless white mountains, glaciers and the bright view of Tromso.







All the beauty, the cold fresh air, the wilderness, the sound of falling snow… True magic, real peace and harmony for the soul.

But I would lie if I would tell this could have been complete without seeing the Northern Lights…

I experienced it on an extremely cloudy evening when nobody predicted much Aurora activity. But this is how wonderful things are working. They come when you are not expecting them to come, showing the strength of Universe and the power of dreams.

I was just standing there, starring the sky, stopped taking photos for a while and I simply wanted to live the moment, to feel grateful, to be fully happy and stock up all the emotions coming up, so to remember an hour, a day or weeks later. To have this wonderful feeling inside me for the rest of my life.

I’ll never forget how does it feel like to stand under those magical colors,to see the lights moving and to know that I’m a part of this, an important part. x



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